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Welcome to the hub of all things LocLunch! Our LinkedIn group serves as a centralized resource for you to dive deep into the world of LocLunch. It's a vibrant space where you can connect, engage, share, and learn from like-minded individuals across the globe.

We encourage all members to interact freely with the content and other users. And for our Ambassadors, this is the perfect place to share your 'Thank You' posts following a LocLunch event. Let's celebrate each other's stories and experiences, providing a glimpse into what's happening in our dynamic community around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the group, get involved, and let's make every LocLunch conversation even more meaningful!

LocLunch Account on Linkedin

Our LinkedIn page serves as a central hub that unites all LocLunch ambassadors. By adding "LocLunch" as a company and "LocLunch Ambassador" as a title to their profiles, our ambassadors present a unified and easily accessible front for all.

Visitors can seamlessly search for and connect with ambassadors by browsing the "employees" section on our page. This promotes easier networking and collaboration among localization enthusiasts worldwide.

But that's not all - this is also where you'll find our latest updates and our newsletter! You can catch up on all the latest happenings from recent LocLunches and stay informed about what's coming up in the next few days.

Join us, and let's take the spirit of LocLunch to every corner of the industry while keeping you abreast of all things LocLunch. It's all happening here - don't miss out!

Resources For LocLunch Ambassadors

LocLunch Intro & Playbook


Welcoming you to the exciting world of LocLunch! We're a decentralized platform for conversation, networking, and knowledge sharing within the localization and translation industry. Our gatherings happen around restaurant tables or in virtual spaces via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other platform you prefer.

As a LocLunch ambassador, you are a facilitator and catalyst for these conversations. You bring together people – two, ten, or even thirty (hey, we've seen Mega Loclunches with 120+!) – and foster a friendly environment for discussion. The essence of LocLunch is not the crowd size, but the quality of the interaction.

Ambassadors commit to organizing regular LocLunches (ideally once a month) in their city/region. Your role is to build and nurture our global community, whether you're flying solo or partnering with a co-ambassador.

LocLunch is trademarked to safeguard the unique camaraderie we've cultivated. We kindly request ambassadors to honor the brand and adhere to the guidelines in this playbook.

At LocLunch, our objective is to connect the (local) GILT community in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. It's not a stage for self-promotion, sales pitches, or monologues. The more you give, the more you receive!

A word of caution: Ambassadors represent individuals, not corporations. Please refrain from publishing announcements or thank you posts under a company account. Such conduct could lead to disqualification.

As part of our ambassador network, you'll be part of a vibrant Slack chat where we coordinate, share ideas, and refine the LocLunch concept. It's a community of global movers and shakers! Engage with them and their posts on LinkedIn.

Ready to join us on this journey? Dive into the details of our playbook below!

Becoming a LocLunch Ambassador

Preparing Your LocLunch

LocLunch Day

After the Event

This seems like a lot of information, but don't worry! We're here to support you. The process is simple, and the rewards are plentiful.

For any further questions reach out to Jan or any other LocLunch ambassador. 

LocLunch Announcement Post text samples

Post 1. 

To all the #localization professionals in town, I’m happy to announce the 1st #LocLunch in XXX. 

Coming up on the XX. Join us! 

Where: Name and address of the restaurant

When: Date and time 

This is about meeting people for lunch and to chat about related topics to:  #Going global #Internationalization (#I18n) #Localization (#L10n) #Machine translation & Post-Editing #CAT Tools & Translation Management Systems #International marketing #Human resources in the localization industry #Multilingual #SEO and #ASO #WomenInLocalization #LanguageServiceProviders #Translators & #Reviewers #Talent & Careers in Localization. 

.... But above all, it is about connecting with open-minded people offline! 

#LocLunch simple:

✔️It's about having lunch together 

✔️Everybody pays their own food and drinks 

✔️It's once a month around the 2nd Thursday (may vary locally) 

✔️It's inclusive so everybody with an interest in these topics can join 

✔️It's at well-connected place so that as many people can join as possible (not necessarily a fix location) 

✔️ everybody can start a local LocLunch and help kick this off. 

If you want to join please leave a note in the comments below  👇 👇 👇

Join our growing Linkedin community on Linkedin and stay in touch:

See you soon!

Post 2:

Exciting news for all #localization enthusiasts in XXX! We're hosting our very first #LocLunch soon.

🗓️ When? XX (Date and time)

📍 Where? (Name and address of the restaurant)

Let's gather around the table and dive into dynamic conversations on #GoingGlobal, #Internationalization (#I18n), #Localization (#L10n), and more. Most importantly, let's connect and share our experiences and ideas in a friendly, casual atmosphere!

Remember, #LocLunch is:

✅ A monthly gathering (typically the 2nd Thursday, but may vary)

✅ A chance to pay your own way (everyone handles their own food and drinks)

✅ Inclusive and welcoming to all with an interest in these topics

✅ Held at accessible locations to encourage maximum participation

Comment below if you'll be joining us, and don't forget to join our thriving LinkedIn community:

See you soon! 🍽️ 🗣️

Post 3:

Calling all #localization pros in XXX! Our inaugural #LocLunch is just around the corner.

🗓️ Date: XX

📍 Location: (Name and address of the restaurant)

Join us for a vibrant discussion on #MachineTranslation, #PostEditing, #CATTools, #TranslationManagementSystems, and other riveting topics. But most importantly, let's meet and connect offline over a delicious meal!

#LocLunch Basics:

✅ Casual lunch meetups

✅ Pay for your own food and drinks

✅ Usually held once a month around the 2nd Thursday

✅ Everyone interested in these topics is welcome

✅ Easily accessible locations

Comment "Count me in" if you're joining. Also, connect with our expansive LinkedIn community here:

Can't wait to see you all! 🍽️ 🗣️

Post 3:

Heads up, #localization aficionados in XXX! Mark your calendars for our first #LocLunch.

🗓️ On: XX

📍 At: (Name and address of the restaurant)

Let's meet up for lunch and engaging chats on topics like #InternationalMarketing, #HumanResources in the localization industry, #MultilingualSEO, #ASO, #WomenInLocalization, and more. Above all, let's build connections offline over good food and great company!

Here's the #LocLunch lowdown:

✅ Monthly lunch meetings

✅ Each participant pays for their own food and drinks

✅ Usually takes place on the 2nd Thursday of the month

✅ Open to all interested in the aforementioned topics

✅ Always at a well-connected location

✅ Anyone can step up to organize a local LocLunch

Drop a comment below to let us know you're coming. Don't forget to join our LinkedIn community:

Looking forward to our gathering! 🍽️ 🗣️

LocLunch Thank-You Post samples

Post 1:

Our first #LocLunch in XXX was a hit! 🙌

A big shout-out to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to join us. We had some fantastic conversations around #localization, #Internationalization (#I18n), #MachineTranslation, and more.

Tagging some of the fantastic attendees: (Tag loclunchers)

Let's keep the momentum going! If you missed out this time, don't worry. We'll be back with our next gathering soon. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, join our LinkedIn community to stay updated:

See you all at the next #LocLunch! 🍽️ 🗣️

Post 2:

What an amazing #LocLunch we had in XXX! A heartfelt thank you to all who came and made it a memorable event.

We dove deep into exciting topics such as #PostEditing, #CATTools, #TranslationManagementSystems, and more. The knowledge and experiences shared were truly insightful.

Special thanks to the brilliant minds who joined us: (Tag loclunchers)

If you couldn't make it this time, no worries! We'd love to see you at our next meet. Keep an eye out for updates!

Don't forget to connect with our global community on LinkedIn:

Until next time! 🍽️ 🗣️

Post 3:

Just wrapped up an awesome #LocLunch in XXX! It was great to see so many #localization professionals come together to share, learn, and connect.

We had some rich discussions on #InternationalMarketing, #HumanResources in the localization industry, #MultilingualSEO, #ASO, #WomenInLocalization, and more.

Recognizing a few of the attendees who made this event special: (Tag loclunchers)

Missed out? Don't worry, we've got another one in the pipeline.

Join our LinkedIn community to stay in the loop:

Until our next #LocLunch! 🍽️ 🗣️

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