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The goal of this page is to link all ambassadors together on one page through adding the company "LocLunch" with "LocLunch Ambassador" as a title to our ambassadors profile.

Visitors can then easily search for all ambassadors under "employees" and we help to make this more visible.

LocLunch Announcement Post text example

To all the #localization professionals in town, I’m happy to announce the 1st #LocLunch in XXX.

Coming up on the XX. Join us!

Where: Name and address of the restaurant

When: Date and time

This is about meeting people for lunch and to chat about related topics to: #Going global #Internationalization (#I18n) #Localization (#L10n) #Machine translation & Post-Editing #CAT Tools & Translation Management Systems #International marketing #Human resources in the localization industry #Multilingual #SEO and #ASO #WomenInLocalization #LanguageServiceProviders #Translators & #Reviewers #Talent & Careers in Localization.

.... But above all, it is about connecting with open-minded people offline!

#LocLunch simple:

✔️It's about having lunch together

✔️Everybody pays their own food and drinks

✔️It's once a month around the 2nd Thursday (may vary locally)

✔️It's inclusive so everybody with an interest in these topics can join

✔️It's at well-connected place so that as many people can join as possible (not necessarily a fix location)

✔️ everybody can start a local LocLunch and help kick this off.

If you want to join please leave a note in the comments below 👇 👇 👇

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See you soon!

Don't forget to state the address of the restaurant in your post as well in order to make it easy for LocLunchers to open the address in Maps.

LocLunch Banner template

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