Forms for Ambassadors

The forms below are for current and future ambassadors. Please use the English language to fill them out.

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Please remember to use them to give your events more visibility and help to spread the word about LocLunch 

Sign-up Ambassador Candidate Form

Please use this form to register your interest in becoming a LocLunch ambassador. Fill it out with your details, letting us know you're ready and eager to host future LocLunch events. Once you've completed it, sit back and relax - we'll be in touch shortly.

And here's a heads-up - if you don't hear back from us right away, don't worry. We're all volunteers juggling our day jobs with our passion for LocLunch. Feel free to get started with organizing your local events. The beauty of LocLunch is in its spirit of proactive participation!

Remember, this form is for initial sign-ups only. Thanks for stepping forward to strengthen our global community!

Upcoming LocLunch Form

Planning your next LocLunch? Great! Use this form each month to specify the exact location and time of your upcoming LocLunch. The information you provide here will be featured on our banner for your local event. Let's help everyone sync their calendars for another fantastic get-together!

Just a heads up - only events logged through this form will be showcased in our weekly newsletter. So, make sure you fill out the form to get your event the spotlight it deserves!

Check out "Resources" to see sample texts.

THANK YOU Post form

Just wrapped up an amazing LocLunch? Awesome! Now, use this form to log your event details and posts. It's a simple step, but it's instrumental in helping us keep track of the growing number of LocLunches happening across the globe. Your event's story adds to the global narrative of LocLunch, and we can't wait to hear about it!

Check out "Resources" to see sample texts.