Forms for Ambassadors

The forms below are for current and future ambassadors. Please use the English language to fill them out.

LocLunch Ambassadors To Do Links for group announcements and stats ✔️

Entry forms: BEFORE: (shown here:

AFTER: (shown here:

Please remember to use them to give your events more visibility and help to spread the word about LocLunch

Ambassador Form

This form is to be used only once to sign up as an ambassador candidate. Please make sure to fill out this form with the details of the ambassador who will be hosting the event. We'll get in touch.

Upcoming LocLunch Form

This form should be filled out every month with the details of the exact place and time of your LocLunch.

This data is the information that should appear on our banner for your local LocLunch.

THANK YOU Post form

Once you finished your event please log your posts and details with this form. This helps us to keep track on the increasing number of LocLunches around the world.