Q&A around LocLunch

What's LocLunch?

LocLunch is the delightful collision of internationalization (I18n), localization (L10n), globalization (G11n), global brand management, marketing, and translation software development enthusiasts. We're a monthly gathering for these industry aficionados, serving up food, fun, and conversation - with no side of sales pitches!

What is the LocLunch philosophy?

LocLunch embraces the spirit of decentralization - everyone who joins our table (or screen) is there as an individual, not as a representative of a specific entity or organization. Here, there's no agenda, no pitches, no speeches, and no self-promotion - just honest conversations and a sharing of knowledge.

Our community is diverse. It includes professionals on the buyer side, team members from Language Service Providers (LSPs), freelance translators, and individuals from other professional areas. What binds us all together is the desire to connect, share, learn, and have fun. At LocLunch, we're all about nurturing relationships and growing together. Come join us and be a part of this enriching exchange! It is a safe place to be. 

When does LocLunch happen?

Typically, we swing into action on the second Thursday of each month. However, our Ambassadors might choose a different day if Thursday is just too mainstream for them. Any day of the month is a good LocLunch day. You can keep an eye on the upcoming LocLunch events in our snazzy spreadsheet.

Is LocLunch and LocDrinks the same thing?

Indeed they are! It's simply a matter of when you prefer your networking - with your midday meal or with your evening refreshment. LocLunch takes place during the day, while LocDrinks kicks off after 4 PM. So, whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we've got you covered. Remember, it's all about fostering connections, irrespective of the time on the clock!

How can I stay up-to-date with all things LocLunch?

Sign up for our piping hot LinkedIn newsletter, served fresh every Monday! It's packed with the latest updates and exciting developments for the week ahead. Don't miss out on your weekly helping of LocLunch news. Join the feast of information now!

Who are these mysterious 'LocLunchers'?

Simply put, a LocLuncher is anyone who attends a LocLunch event. They're curious, open-minded, love to meet new people, and have a knack for excellent conversation. They might even laugh at our jokes!

What about Ambassadors? Who are they?

Ambassadors are the superheroes who organize a LocLunch in their local area. They're hosts extraordinaire, connecting people and building community. Want to meet one? Check our spreadsheet or our LinkedIn company page.

I'm loving this! Can I become an Ambassador?

Absolutely! If you're eager to build up your local community and host regular LocLunches, we'd love to hear from you. Just remember, Ambassadors should promote inclusiveness and have fun getting people together. No sales pitches, please!

How can I become a LocLunch Ambassador?

Easy as pie! Here are your steps to becoming a LocLunch ambassador:

Remember, our ambassadors are the heart and soul of LocLunch. They bring our vibrant community to life, one event at a time!

What about online events?

In the age of technology, who says networking and connection should be bound by geography? We hold regular online LocLunches over Zoom and similar platforms. Join us from wherever you are in the world, and enjoy insightful conversations - no food crumbs on your keyboard, we promise!

Where does a LocLunch take place?

For in-person events, we love well-connected restaurants that can accommodate our group and offer affordable menus. Remember, the less exclusive, the better! For online events, it's wherever you feel comfortable - just remember to mute your mic if you're in a noisy location.

Does everyone need to sit at one large table during a physical event?

While it's great when we can all be at one table, it's not a necessity. If no large tables are available, just grab a seat where you can and start connecting! The early bird gets the best seat, after all.

Who pays what?

At physical events, everyone pays for their own food and drinks. At virtual events, well, you're in charge of your own snack budget!

Do we need to reserve a table at the restaurant?

Reservations aren't always necessary, but it's good to check with your Ambassador as they know the lay of the land.

What happens if the Ambassador can't make it?

In case our Ambassadors are out saving the world (or just plain busy), they'll reach out to fellow LocLunchers to help run the event. The show must go on!

What are the duties of an Ambassador?

An Ambassador wears many hats! They organize the restaurant (or online platform), announce the LocLunch, engage their network, and be an all-around charming host. Post-event, they publish a Thank-You Post, tag attendees, fill out the forms for stats, and gear up for the next month. Who said being a superhero was easy?

And finally, can I crack jokes at a LocLunch?

Just remember, while a good joke can add spice to any conversation, always keep it appropriate and respectful. After all, the goal of LocLunch is to foster connections, not to audition for a stand-up comedy show. But if your joke gets everyone laughing, you may have found your calling!

What's LocLunch's relationship with other organizations and conferences?

LocLunch is like Switzerland - independent and neutral! While we value the fantastic work done by other organizations and conference organizers, our main goal is to provide a safe and independent space for all our members.

Post-conference, we spring into action, organizing LocLunches that bring together local enthusiasts and conference participants, fostering connections and continuing conversations outside the conference environment.

Many of our LocLunchers support other organizations and events individually, and we're all about that! We operate in a spirit of mutual interest and respect, ensuring that we don't overlap or interfere with their programs. We're here to complement, not compete.

Can I use the LocLunch logo with other organizations?

We're flattered you love our logo, but hold your horses! The LocLunch logo should not be used alongside any other organization's logo without prior consent from LocLunch. We believe in maintaining our identity and independence. If you need to use our logo, reach out to us first. We promise we don't bite!