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This website aims to give you an overview about LocLunch and the tools to get involved and maybe start your own LocLunch in your city.

Upcoming LocLunch events weekly

Ambassadors and LocLunch events around the globe

Below you can find all upcoming and past LocLunch events as well as the appointed ambassadors and further details (linkedin groups, stats, etc.). Please note that LocLunch does not endorse ambassadors or the quality of their professional work. Ambassadors are individuals who take the initiative to bring LocLunch to their place (area, city or region but never on a country level) and help people to connect.

LocLunch™ - 2019

You don't see any ambassador or LocLunch event for your city yet? Get in touch with us through our LocLunch group on Linkedin and sign up as a new ambassador.

Q&A around LocLunch

What is LocLunch?

LocLunch is an inclusive monthly gathering of people interested in topics like I18n, L10n, G11n, global brand management, marketing and translation software development. LocLunch is a meeting point for existing and new contacts from inside and outside the industry.

When does LocLunch events take place?

We aim to bundle LocLunch events around the second Thursday of each month (for now). This gives the movement power and helps with the organizational effort. If Thursday doesn't work the ambassadors may choose another day. Check out the list of the upcoming LocLunches in our spreadsheet above.

Who are LocLunchers?

A LocLuncher is somebody who joins a local LocLunch, is curious and open-minded to meet new people.

What are ambassadors?

Ambassadors are those LocLunchers who organize a LocLunch in the local area and are the hosts for the community. You can find ambassadors in our spreadsheet with the events or through our Linkedin company page under employees. Ambassadors can opt to add LocLunch as a company to their profile.

Who qualifies as an ambassador?

Everybody can start a local LocLunch and help kick this movement off in their local area. Ambassadors should be open minded and promote inclusiveness of the LocLunch event, be nice hosts and have fun getting people together. Ambassadors are people, NOT companies that want to pitch their products or services!

Most important, ambassadors should have the willingness to build up the local community. LocLunch should not be a one-off event. We expect ambassadors to run LocLunches once a month to create this local platform to meet and exchange ideas. Ambassadors teams for a certain location might help to offer this continuity.

Feel inspired? Drop us a note in the group and head over to our Ambassador form to sign up for the next LocLunch in your area.

Where should a LocLunch take place?

The perfect spot for a LocLunch is a well-connected restaurant with enough space so that as many people as possible can join in. It's not necessarily a fix location as the ambassador might choose to move the LocLunch to a different area to enable new LocLunchers to join the conversation.

The restaurant should offer affordable menus for everyday consumption (e.g. Germany: 10-15EUR). Affordable depends on the region but should be in line what most people do pay for their average lunch menu. The higher the price tag the more exclusive it gets and exclusiveness is not in the spirit of LocLunch.

Check out the post from our ambassador community to get a feeling about how this looks like. You can find the posts in our Linkedin group.

Who pays what?

Everybody pays their own food and drinks (if not otherwise stated)

Is a reservation at the restaurant required?

The restaurant should have enough space to celebrate a LocLunch but normally, no reservation should be necessary. We leave this up to the ambassador who knows best about the place and its availability. As the date of the LocLunch gets closer we recommend to get a feeling of the approximate number of LocLunchers that have confirmed and make sure there are enough seats available.

Does everybody needs to sit at one large table?

It is great to have a lot of people at the same table but this might not be possible. LocLunchers can join and sit on tables close to each other if no larger tables are available. First come first service is the rule. Next month will be another chance to get a great seat.

What happens if the ambassador is busy or traveling at that date?

We encourage our ambassadors to reach out to other LocLunchers for help to run the event without them if no alternative date can be found.

What are the duties of an ambassador?

Before the event:

  • organize a restaurant,

  • fill out the forms,

  • announce the LocLunch on their Linkedin profiles and LocLunch groups to invite others from your area to join them.

  • tag people that might be interested in LocLunch in your post and help your network finding local LocLunch events close to them.

At the event:

After the event:

  • Publish a "Thank-You" Post with the pics from the event in your feed and on the LocLunch group page. Don't forget to tag LocLunchers there.

  • Fill out the forms for stats

  • Repeat the next month

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